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Patient Centricity

At KAWAMI we put the patient at the heart of the treatment. WQe help you out know more about the patient life style and habits so that he/she gets the best treatment experience.

Personnalized healthcare

Today, medical treatment are different from patient to another, but not only based on the disease, but also based on the patient habits, life style. We help you out find out these insights.

Digital hospital

Digitization of medical record, patient flow, billing are few example of today's hospital management tools. At KAWAMI we help you out put in practice different tools to better manage your hospital or clinic, for a better patient experience and higher ROI.

Digital Cabinet

Doctors need to know better about their patients, and follow them through the treatment cycle on real time. At KAWAMI we make this challenge reality.

International patients services

Patient travel more and more to get access to medical treatments. Our service, CAREWAYS is here to help hospitals and clinics increase the number of international patients and provide them with the best experience through and end-to-end service.


Competition is more and more intense between clinics, and trunover rates are high. KAWAMI expertise is here to help decision makers understand better their market and put on place innovative strategies to stay in the market and get a better positionning.

Work process

Working without method is like sailing without compass. For every project we take, we spend the needed time to understand the problem we are trying to solve, in order to build the best method for this specific challenge. By doing so, we help both of our teams gain time later when building the solution.

As soon as we know what to do and how to do it, KAWAMI's Experts will put on a detailed, transparent plan all the workflow. YOU CAN FOLLOW OUR WORK ON REAL TIME.

1. Discussion
It is like a couple, the better we know each other, the better we will manage how to do things together.
2. Solution design
For every work we undertake, we follow the right scientific approach, with a touch of art, using the latest market trends.
3. Solution implementation
As soon as we all agree on the solution, KAWAMI's team we start building the actual solution. The optimal solution.