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Having a clear brand identity is crucial for clients to recognize you. At KAWAMI, we work with great designer in Europe and carefully give attention to your branding before digging into more details with web development, design and webmarketing

Web Marketing

Internet marketing is becoming a must for every business. At KAWAMI, we focus on the whole spectrum of web marketing techniques, such as SEO, Social Media, community management, inbound marketing and content marketing.

Web Design

Kawami starts the web design process by creating all the user stories, so that the flow on the website is perfect. On top of that we have acquired the expertise on User experience and User Interaction UX/UI design, using the latest market trends.

Web Analytics

Your business activity and the Internet can provide with Gigabytes of Data. Our team of Data Scientitst, Business Analytics and Busines Intelligence have the talent of transforming data into valuable insights on every aspect of your business.

Web Development

Technologies move fast, so we do. The Tech Ninjas team at KAWAMI decided to work with AngluarJS, Node.js, MangoDB, Express.js. Today, these are the best technologies to create a secure, user friendly, beautiful and efficient website.


Analysis of what your competitors are doing, what you are doing, your capabilities will help you out put an action plan to have the best market fit. At KAWAMI, we make sure that every move you make has a specific reason that has been well studied.

Work process

Working without method is like sailing without compass. For every project we take, we spend the needed time to understand the problem we are trying to solve, in order to build the best method for this specific challenge. By doing so, we help both of our teams gain time later when building the solution.

As soon as we know what to do and how to do it, KAWAMI's Experts will put on a detailed, transparent plan all the workflow. YOU CAN FOLLOW OUR WORK ON REAL TIME.

1. Discussion
It is like a couple, the better we know each other, the better we will manage how to do things together.
2. Solution design
For every work we undertake, we follow the right scientific approach, with a touch of art, using the latest market trends.
3. Solution implementation
As soon as we all agree on the solution, KAWAMI's team we start building the actual solution. The optimal solution.